Myths and Misconceptions of the Universal Zulu Nation

1. Zulu Nation is a gang.

UZN was started in 1973 by Afrika Bambaataa who at the time was a gang leader. After realizing that it would benefit the community more if the gangs unified to better the community and to better each other, Zulu was formed. Also, Zulu started gathering information from other religions and historical sources to give the gang members a chance to better themselves so the violence would end. News spread around all of the tri-state area and eventually, the world.

2. Zulu is a religion/cult.

No. We gather positive information from all sources weather religious or historical. We deal with truth and fact. It doesn’t matter what name you choose to call The Supreme Force. A religion suggest a belief structure. We do not have a belief structure. ALL walks of life are a part of Zulu Nation. ALL religions are a part of Zulu Nation. If its true to you and its positive, no problem.

3. Zulu is only a “hip hop thing”.

Not completely true. We use Hip Hop as a means to get across the positive message of “Knowledge, wisdom, overstanding, freedom, justice, equality, peace, love, unity and having fun.” UZN is more about bettering one self and overstanding the people and enviroment around oneself.

4. Zulu is a “black” thing.

No! UZN is for all people of any color, age, culture or gender. As long as you have a open mind and are really ready to better oneself. We have to start to understand or overstand each other a lot more so that we can break the stereotypes that we are “trained” to know from generation to generation. Look at the name of this organization. The key word is “Universal”. Why would we want to limit peace and unity to just one race or for that matter, even humanity?

5. I have to do something Hip Hop (Break, DJ, Rap, Graph) in order to be a

No. UZN has doctors, lawyers, activists, pilots, construction workers, actors, probation officers, etc. ALL walks of life. You see everyone has their only kind of knowledge to bring to others. No one man or woman knows everything. When you get all this collective knowledge together under one roof, its very enlightning. That’s what Zulu does. It bring people of different backgrounds together under POSITIVITY. We are all teachers in life whether a person overstands it or not. Zulu members overstands that they are teachers so they do just that. We share our knowledge of what we learn in life and/or Zulu with others so their can be a balance within the other person life so that an understanding can be achieved and from that peace can be obtained.

6. So all a person has to do is join, its that easy?

Yes and no. You see Zulu is for everyone but not everyone is for Zulu. There is hard work involved. From the application process to maintaining a voice in the community, from doing charity work to LOTS of lessons studying, Its not a free ride. But if a person wants to learn more, or be a positive force in their community, then it shouldn’t be difficult at all.

These are just some of the questions we as Zulus encounter on a day to day basis. This is one way we can learn to deal with some of the negativity and turn it to positivity.

Zulu King Mark L.U.V.



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